Business Control:
at your finger tips!
Main Screen

System designed to make your business more efficient and cost controllable from the first day it’s installed…

  1. On-site installation & training
  2. Assistance with work in progress setup
  3. Assistance with accounting setup
  4. All vender & customer information tracked
  5. Profitability status details reports
  6. Assistance with current financial entries
  7. Production reports automatically generated
  8. Detailed reports on all departments

Software Solutions to North American Collision Repair Businesses!


Collision Flo is designed to integrate every aspect of the collision repair process into one master program ensuring a smooth operation between estimating, management, direct communication with each technician resulting in increased production, increased profits, better insurance relations, increased customer satisfaction.


Increases Accuracy!Saves You Time and Money!


Easy to use Windows® system for collision repairers, that provides you with:
  • Technology that provides superior communication tools required to maximize “Efficiency!”
  • Online vehicle tracking, text messaging updates and live reports
  • Task management screens specific to each department providing prioritized information to users as needed to make decisions!
  • Designed to manage and monitor large volume operations required to control heavy workflow “Efficiently”!
  • Communications - your Collision Repair Business cannot prosper without it!
  • Open communication and alert functions “Bringing Your Team Together”
  • Letter Merge with Word Pad